Sending Partnership Proposals

CollegeDAO Hub's Partnership module is designed to help students and companies connect and collaborate via online/inperson events, semester long projects, ecosystem packages etc.

Simple partnership manager

Creating and sending partnerships to different organized is quick and easy.

  1. Redirect to the dashboard page and on the right screen click on Corperate Partnership
  2. Here you will be greeted with 2 screens Incoming Requests and Sent Requests. Incoming Requests populates all the different requests other organizations have sent you. Sent requsts show you the current list and status of proposals you have sent.
  3. To create a new partnership, click on + New Partnership
  4. Fill out the pop-up with details from your proposal. Ensure you fill out Co-Host to send the proposal to the right org
  5. Once added all project details and milestones, click Send Partnership
  6. Done! Now you should see the status under Sent Requests.

Next Steps

Now that you have your first proposals sent, you can view the status of your proposals on the Collaborations page on the right, or you can move on to the other features of Hub.